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The floors are one of the main elements in our commercial spaces, not only our clients have contact with them, but also all the personnel that works in our companies, that is why great care must be taken to keep them clean and in perfect condition.

There are several types of floors: Tile and Carpet. Here are some tips to know the care that must be taken to keep them in the best condition, below, we present the different floors and their care.

The tiles usually accumulate a lot of dirt and not only them but also the groutss, this material is found in commercial kitchens, office and company bathrooms, terrace floors among other commercial surfaces.

It is believed that the tiles are easy to clean just by wiping with a damp cloth, however, this is not the case, specialized products must be used to achieve a deep cleaning of tiles and grouts

For proper maintenance we recommend the following:

  • Remove grease embedded in tiles and grouts, it is recommended to combine water and ammonia, it is a very useful mixture, but you must be careful with its strong smell, do not breathe for a long time, avoid your skin coming into contact with this mixture.

  • Eliminate limescale from tiles and grouts. This accumulates due to continuous use and poor cleaning. It usually appears in areas that come into contact with water with a high lime content. To remove it, mix water with white vinegar.

  • Give the tiles a shine, for this you can clean the tiles with a mixture of water and ammonia, use newspaper to vigorously rub the surface and rinse with water for a perfect result.

  • Clean the grouts, due to their porous texture they can accumulate more dirt, if you want to keep them white and clean, make a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar and with the help of a brush rub over the grouts, let stand for 10 minutes and rinse with boiling water.

If you don't want to worry about cleaning your tiles and grouts, you can call MB FLOOR SOLUTIONS, we are experts in cleaning and caring for tiles and grouts.

Carpets in commercial spaces represent a considerable investment, and their durability depends on the care we take with our carpets. We normally want our rugs to remain in pristine condition and highly functional long after they are installed.

Correct care and maintenance will lengthen its performance, its appearance and its useful life, it is important to immediately attend to any accident that occurs on the carpets to prevent it from becoming a major problem; That is why we are going to give you some recommendations for its care:

  • Preventive maintenance, prevents foreign dirt from reaching your carpet

  • Use of the vacuum cleaner, it is important to make frequent use of the vacuum cleaner on your vacuum cleaner to avoid greater dirtiness

  • Stain removal, stains are inevitable, but you can prevent them from lasting on your carpet if the stain is cleaned immediately.

  • Intermediate cleaning, a scheduled maintenance that guarantees the cleaning of dust and stains helps your carpet last.

  • Deep restorative cleaning, regular scheduled maintenance with a specialized company such as MB FLOOR SOLUTIONS is important to guarantee deep cleaning thanks to the use of specialized machines.


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