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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Many companies and directors today know the importance of aesthetics of the business premises to succeed in sales. However, very few stop to question how important it is for customers to find impeccable floors in an establishment, and more now after the Coronavirus disease has left shock in the citizens, and an alert about care and cleanliness in everyday life.

For this reason, is that investing in professional stripping and waxing services for your floors is the smartest decision you can make as an entrepreneur or director. A floor that is not only neat but also beautiful draws the attention of its customers and will not be in doubt that its service is guaranteed quality. In addition, the correct and frequent maintenance of this important process will save you enough dollars in the long term and will make the useful life of your floors durable, because being a crowded space, spills, shoes, and heels cause the floors to suffer daily wear and tear; therefore, skipping the stripping and waxing process of the floors is a mistake and puts in the service life of the floors.


The stripping process is deep, removes the layers of dirt, debris, finishes, and accumulation of antique wax, and is an indispensable process for excellent cleaning before restoring or re-waxing the floor since if overlooked, the floor will end with layers and layers of dirty wax over time.

Floor waxing provides a properly polished floor with a shiny effect, non-slip, durable, aesthetic, and resistant to treads and daily traffic. It provides a clean and neat appearance, makes cleaning and maintenance easier, and also gives a positive aspect and even motivation to the staff of the organization.

It is necessary to consider the professionalism and experience of the company that performs the work because completed the proper maintenance of the floors, and their condition could last for years, also depending on the mode of use, the environment, the type of cleaning that is performed, or the number of people traveling daily.

It is therefore essential to avoid home treatments to make their floors shine since most of these quick solutions are not effective and, on the contrary, tend to deteriorate their floors; that is why, at MB FLOOR SOLUTIONS, we work this process in a professional way, with a professional team that guarantees a brilliant, aesthetic result inside your facilities.

The professional maintenance of flats is undoubtedly worth the time and investment since the results are long-lasting and effective and will make your company the favorite place of all your customers.


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