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Today it becomes almost mandatory to properly clean school floors regularly, keeping them free of dirt, germs, and deposits that can cause slips. Providing a clean, safe, and sanitized educational environment makes learning more accessible and enjoyable for students and school staff.

For this reason, it is necessary to create a good floor maintenance program within the Educational Institution, whose objective is to prevent dirt from entering the facilities as much as possible. And for this, it is necessary to take an inventory of the floor surfaces in the facilities and record the dimensions of each one since some are different and require specific cleaning methods and products. By calculating the square footage of each area, you can determine the hours of work and the number of necessary chemicals or cleaning.


It is the area most used by students, and usually, it is of more durable material; for this reason, a neutral cleaner is an excellent option since it will not leave turbid waste and, in addition, it is safer for the environment.


They are areas that tend to get oiled more efficiently, which increases the possibility of falls and slips. Degreasers should usually be used at least every two days on surfaces that include porcelain tiles, VCT, and finished floors.


This area requires exceptional care since bacterial contamination from closed places can seriously threaten students' health. A disinfectant cleaner is recommended for cleaning these floors.


The floors where sporting events are practiced are usually made of VCT material, wood, rubber sheets, or other synthetic material. Either way, student safety must be paramount. For this reason, dust should be mopped regularly with a water-based solution, and avoid using any oil-based treatment that can leave a slippery residue.

It is necessary to keep in mind that before cleaning and polishing the floors of schools, they must be repaired, and free of all types of marks, excessive scratches, unsightly accumulation of floor covering and present a good condition.

Floors should be thoroughly chemically cleaned before a new floor covering application. All chemicals used for floor cleaning must be approved products and must be used in accordance with the proper instructions, and it is better to treat floors after hours, either early in the morning or, ideally, after the work has finished. School day. Longer floor procedures should be carried out during the night, school holidays or on weekends.

In any of the scenarios within the Educational Institutions, the important thing is to always keep the floors safe and clean and/or take appropriate measures to return the floor to a safe condition for students, teachers, and administrative staff, and thus, avoid falls, accidents and risks greater than those mentioned above.


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